Italian Dolce Gusto Super Bundle

The most beautiful tasting, award winning, high quality compatible Dolce Gusto Coffee pods to hit the Pod market.

Available all in one super bundle for only £25.99 with free postage.

30 day taste guarantee. If you don't like the taste we will send you new ones of your choosing within 30 days.


Award Winning Varieties of Coffee

The Barista Italiano Super Bundle!  Designed to give you a taste from all angles, smooth, strong, rich, milky and full of flavour. 


Whats in the bundle?

Creamy Top Espresso (10 pods): The blend result spicy and intense, with notes of toasted bread and a lingering aftertaste of cocoa. Perfect for on its own as an espresso or delicious mixed with any milk option. Intensity 8.

Intense Napoletano (10 pods): Full-bodied and strong, this intense Robusta coffee blend, rich in quality, offers a round taste, a warm and enveloping aroma. Intensity 10.

Ristretto (10 pods): The blend is the result of the best Arabica coffees and the right touch of Robusta coffees. Thanks to its texture with a perfect balance between acidity and sweetness this coffee leaves a taste of persistent softness. Intensity 7.

Delicato Arabica (10 pods): This blend with its refined taste and aromas leaves a pleasant aftertaste rich of variety of fragrances. Its refined and delicate aroma leave you with a different palette with every drink. Intensity 7.

Intenso Lungo (10 pods): When it’s time for a stronger coffee let the Lungo Intenso satisfy your needs. With a classic layer of cream swirled over its surface, the Lungo Intenso marries a delicate aroma with a full-bodied taste experience. Intensity 9.

Milk Pod (20 pods): Add some creamy milk to your favourite Coffee Pod or just drink hot milk on its own with our innovative Milk only Dolce Gusto Pod. Great for making frothy Lattes and Cappuccinos.

Hot Chocolate Pods (16 pods): Very fragrant and unmistakable: The sweet taste hot chocolate by Barista Italiano, made to transform even the worst day into moments of sweetness. It also goes perfectly with the Hot Milk pod to deliver a divine froffy Hot Chocolate with an added milky complexion for you and the kids!

Customer Reviews

Based on 25 reviews
Coffee Super Bundle

This was my 1st order, unfortunately not for me the flavours were disappointing the coffee flavours were very weak needed to double up the amount of pods to get the flavour. The milk pods not a nice flavour at all.

Coffee Super Bundle!

This was my second delivery. I really enjoyed this bundle as it gave me the chance to try different coffee and the hot chocolate.

Lovely coffee

As always excellent coffee and service. Would highly recommend


These coffee pods taste brilliant, I won’t be buying anything else from now on

Coffee for all times of day or night

The different taste provided in the super bundle of asstd coffee provide a range of drinks to go with all my needes over a 24 period. I have also found mixing the pods you can come up with intresting tastes. I am on my 4 super bundle and now using a bundle per month. I am a happy customer.

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