Italian Dolce Gusto Milk Pod


Add some creamy milk to your favourite Coffee Pod or just drink hot milk on its own with our innovative Milk only Dolce Gusto Pod. Great for making frothy Lattes and Cappuccinos and hot chocolates.

Our Milk pod is made from 100% Whole Milk Powder

Amount of Pods: 10

Ingredients: Whole Milk Powder & Sugar

Nutrition declarationAverage values ​​per 100 gram (Pods are 16 grams)

Energy: 2152 kJ / 513 kcal - Fats: 21.6g of which saturated fatty acids; 14.1g - Carbohydrates: 51.0g of which sugars: 51.0g - Proteins: 28.6g - Salt: 0.8g

Customer Reviews

Based on 44 reviews
Blue milk pods

Disappointed to say the least with the blue milk pods . I want a frothy coffee not a flat white. :( I will not be ordering again

scheduled order

my dream delivery - coffee alays available with NO fuss!!

Whole Milk Pods (now blue top, rather than the old white top)

A shame that you changed from the old white top (I think these were proper Barista Italiano ones) to a blue top one which I assume are a different manufacturer despite your website listing them as BI milk pods. The old pods held their froth right to the end of the cup, but the new ones turn my latte into a flat white in just a few minutes.

Whole milk pods (blue)

Disappointed with my delivery of whole milk pods, they are blue pods , the froth disappears and ends up as a flat coffee :( the last delivery of whole milk and the skinny ones ive ordered this time are fine. Plenty if lasting froth. May be my last order as I had to chase this order up too.


I was really surprised when I drank my first cappuccino using these pods. I bought separate milk and coffee ones thinking they'd not be as good as the original Dolce Gusto ones, as I've been really disappointed in the past with inferior variations.
I was happy to find these are just as good, maybe even better and they taste great too!
I would definitely recommend them to other Dolce Gusto users as an alternative.

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