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Hello Coffee Pods family! We all know you love a good pod AND a good “Top Ten” list. But we decided to take things in a bit of a different direction with this one to compile a top 10 best coffee beans of 2019 list. And for the pod purists out there, rest easy! Because many of the top 10 on this list also have pod versions as well. We based the criteria of our best coffee beans of 2019 on things like aroma, taste, potency, etc. You know, all the fun stuff. Most are single origin coffee beans and wont let you down in taste or quality. So, let’s check ‘em out, shall we? You can click on the title or picture of any of these gorgeous beans to be transported to a place where you can buy them. Enjoy!


10. Taylors of Harrogate Colombia

Kicking off our review would be this lovely Colombia single origin selection. Produced by the Yorkshire Company, which has been roasting beans since 1886, this coffee, is a great and pleasant way to start off the day. With a body and texture that are rich, and a flavour that is reminiscent of chocolate. That’s not all, this coffee also invigorates with some nice fruit aromas and overtones. A must try!

Taylors of Harrogate Colombia


9. Illy; Whole Bean Medium Roast

Another favorite from Italy, illy has prepared this amazing Arabica espresso. The beans are blended from completely sustainable growing ventures. Chocolate and caramel notes that provide a taste that is never bitter, this espresso is rich, smooth and can be enjoyed as a straight shot or used as a base for any coffee beverage you can possibly imagine.

            Illy; Whole Bean Medium Roast


8. Small Batch Ethiopia Nano Challa

A pretty bag isn’t all this exquisite bean provides. This bean’s aroma and flavour are out of this world and truly unique. The scent is floral, evoking pleasant memories of Spring, some apricot is detected too, with their fantastic spring blossoms. Honey and citrus also make their presence known with this great Ethiopian bean. The character of these beans are amplified by the fact that they are sourced right from a small co-op in Ethiopia.

   Small Batch Ethiopia Nano Challa


7. Gökotta Lyft Espresso

A special name for a truly special espresso. The name, as I have found out, is a Swedish word that does not really have an English translation (I love these sorts of words, very fun and exciting!). This one means, “Getting up early to listen to bird songs”. Perhaps not a past time shared by us all, especially those who enjoy a little extra shut eye in the A.M. But you can enjoy the serene feeling this imparts nonetheless. The aroma is delectable and the flavour is rich with caramel and toffee notes. Whether you are rising early to listen to bird songs or not, this coffee is perfect for fika (which I had also had to look up, and means something like, to enjoy a cup of tea or coffee and have a nice pleasant chat).

               Gökotta Lyft Espresso


6. Kimbo Antica Tradizione Export Ground Tin

Old Tradition for sure, this espresso is a dynamo of flavour, aroma and caffeine, and one I highly recommend. Want to get an experience of the Napoletano way of coffee? This is as close as you can get outside of Italy! The intensity, body, everything, are high on the scale of both quality and robustness, but that does not mean this espresso is bitter or unpleasant in the slightest. The flavour is deep, rich and most of all, very pleasant.

         Kimbo Antica Tradizione Export Ground Tin


5. Lavazza Tierra Brazil-Cerrado

Brazil Cerrado are also a refreshing choice, and one especially so with Lavazza’s expert craftsmanship. A medium roast with dark chocolate and honey aromas and a full bodied taste. The espresso itself has a dark colour with a lighter more amber coloured crema. This espresso is on the medium to high scale for intensity and is certainly an animated brew to enjoy. It’s also certified Rain Forest Alliance, making this bean an ethical purchase as well.

        Lavazza Tierra Brazil-Cerrado


4. Starbucks; Blonde Espresso Roast

 The American coffee giant with their alluring Siren symbol comes in at #4. The blonde espresso roast is a superb whole bean to enjoy at any time of day. This roast comes off as a bit of a dessert accoutrement and makes for a great partner to cake or ice cream (perhaps give an affogato a try with this one). This bean yields a smooth and creamy flavour that has hints of sweetness that is sure to give you a pleasant lift.

        Starbucks; Blonde Espresso Roast


3. Sea Island Clifton Mount Estate - Jamaica Blue Mountain

A Jamaican coffee makes a noteworthy appearance on our list. For so many lists often feature Cuban, Costa Rican and other Central American beans, which are all still great in their own ways, this one brings some more attention to the superb Jamaica Blue Mountain variety of coffee, which has a sterling reputation and one well earned. The Clifton Mount Estate Jamaica Blue Mountain is a powerhouse of coffee, featuring a bit of a stronger taste (which I adore, personally) but balanced with a gentler creamy aftertaste. An incredible bean for sure. 

                Sea Island Clifton Mount Estate - Jamaica Blue Mountain 


2. Indonesia Sumatra Orangutan Coffee

Next up on our list and coming in from the other side of the globe we have a vivacious Sumatra bean. This bean is a real treat, if you like a bit of a cherry flavour to your coffee, and a chocolaty and rich flavor at that, then Orangutan is for you. In addition to having a pleasing taste and aroma, Orangutan fulfills an ethical business mission which is to aid local famers in eco-friendly and sustainable crop production. The goal is to assist local farmers in their production without resorting to deforestation. The Orangutan name can attest, as deforestation, often through slash and burn techniques, destroys the habitat of real orangutans living in Borneo and Sumatra.

       Indonesia Sumatra Orangutan Coffee


1. Julius Meinl; Coffee Präsident Whole Beans

Viennese coffee culture at its finest, Julius Meinl always impresses with their incredible blends. Robusta and Arabica come together to help synergize as this excellent masterwork of coffee. From the scent to the taste, everything about this espresso is intense. The body is rich and powerful and the cream, quite telling, is dark brown. This coffee is a paradigm of espresso and brings pride to the Julius Meinl name and Viennese and global coffee culture at large.

                      Julius Meinl; Coffee Präsident Whole Beans


In conclusion

That is our list of some of the best coffee beans of 2019. But 2019 has just begun you say? Rest assured we will be compiling more lists as time goes on. Coffee changes and so do the times. So keep checking back in with us to stay caught up on all things coffee. And don’t forget to give our site a visit to keep up to date on the best coffee pod options, flavours and accessories out there. The list of the best coffee beans of 2019 highlighted tons of greats, feel free to give a few of these heavy hitters a try to see for yourself.


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