Cafe Joe Nespresso Ultra Strong Espresso


Ultra-strong coffee, for those who truly love bold flavour.

Cafe Joe’s world-renowned Italian coffee broker sourced and combined high-mountain grown Arabica beans with African-grown Robustas to create a bold bend with intense, full-bodied flavour even more intense than our Extra-Strong Espresso Capsules.

Cafe Joe's coffee capsules are 100% recyclable, so please recycle used capsules like you would any other plastics.

Things you need to know:

  • Country of Origin - Italy
  • Coffee Type - Arabica & Robusta
  • Serve as - Espresso / Cappuccino / Latte
  • Intensity - 12
  • Notes - Full Bodied Flavour
  • Amount of Capsules - 10
  • Machine - Nespresso only

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Coffee pods

Although the coffee is good I have found just as good at Asda and they are cheaper, 25p a cup

Ultra coffee pods

We love very strong coffee and so the Ultra pods really are the best for us. Glad I discovered them !


great good strong coffee, pods are good.,better than more expensive brands.
Takes a lot to beat Aldi pods but these do.
Highly recommended.

My new 'GoTO' for PROPER Coffee!!

Had a few orders now both of Ultra Strong, and the Extra strong. I can simply say these are the BEST coffee pods I have ever bought. I have tried all the branded offerings, and a lot of independents. I recently bought a lot of single origin for a caffeteaire. They are still unoped as Cafe Joes pods are not the standard in this household. Taste is exceptional, price is good, delivery is fast. Couldnt fault this company, and now they tell me Im a VIP customer! Free delivery. Buy some now, honestly! No regrets.

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