The Worlds Most Expensive Coffee Pods


Fit for a king or queen, heres a short list of the worlds most expensive Coffee Pods & Capsules

Coffee pods are known for their reliability, high quality, affordability and convenience. But just like anything in the world, some high end luxury models do of course exist. What coffee pods are fit for a king, or queen, or prince or highly respected head of state? Let us take a look at some Coffee Pods of the rich and famous. Whether you are in the market for a grandiose Coffee Pod or just wanting to take a gander, here are some of the priciest coffee pods to date. Click any of the titles to be transported to the world of Luxury Coffee Pods.

Medano Gold Coffee Pods

This Singaporean startup earned a place in the Guinness book of world records for expertly crafting the most expensive coffee pod. The pod includes premium King Jantan peaberry coffee beans and gold dust. 22K gold dust. Think like Goldschlager but in a coffee pod. The gold is even said to make the flavour and texture richer (pun probably intended, or at least it is now). These pods are limited edition and sell in marvellous sets of five with each pod costing about $77.60 Singaporean dollars (£43.65 GBP). But don’t be afraid of spending a bit more on these treasures, as the proceeds are donated to charity. For those who would like to try these amazing pods sans the gold, the non-gilded line sell at a much reduced price, however these beauties are sadly all sold out :(


Kopi Luwak Coffee pods (links below)

Hailing from the Bengkulu region of Southwest Sumatra in Indonesia, the beans for these Nespresso compatible pods are not only pricey but also pretty exotic. The way these beans are processed is by allowing the Asian palm civet, a type of small, furry (and cute) mammal to eat some of the coffee beans and poop them back out again. For those unfamiliar with this truly noteworthy coffee style, kopi luwak, or civet dropping coffee, is an extraordinary (and expensive) thing.

The civet is either free to devour coffee cherries in the wild or is fed coffee cherries in captivity. Once the civet digests the cherries, they ferment in the animals stomach and digestive track and the beans are pooped out, where they are then gathered prepared for human consumption. Civet coffee fetches a high price due to the labor intensive methods of attaining these beans, as well as trying to insure ethical and animal friendly means of civet dropping harvesting.

The flavour is said to be smoky and far tastier than the way one may imagine a coffee bean that came out of an animal’s backside. Civet coffee is considered one of the most expensive types of coffee in the world, in the UK; this coffee can go for up to 494 pounds per kilogram. Some kopi luwak coffee pod brands include…


Hayman Jamaican Blue Mountain

Some readers may have been wondering where that diamond of the coffee world, Jamaican Blue Mountain was hiding. Well look no further! Hayman’s of London offers some amazing Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee pods made with official Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee. Imitators abound, but only coffee beans grown and harvested in a minute section of Jamaica’s Blue Mountains are deemed fit to officially bearing the title. The coffee used in these pods has been approved by the Coffee Industry Board of Jamaica, so rest assured you are getting supreme quality with these pods. These goodies fetch a keen price of under £50 for a 100 gram box and about £60 for a 200 gram box.


Cru Kafe’s San Cristobel Coffee Pods

What the Medano Coffee pods have in pizzazz, the San Cristobel Coffee Pods pack in rarity. These pods produced by Cru Kafe are made from some extraordinary coffee beans which are grown on a 140 year old plantation on San Cristobel Island in the Galapagos. Legally, only 5000 bags of beans are allowed to be exported each year. This lends for a special experience that fetches a high price of 25 GBP per pod. Don’t hesitate to grab yourself one of these rare and delicate coffee treats as the supply is definitely limited. 



The Midas touch

We can’t all live the lifestyles of the rich and famous, but we can certainly try with these top quality coffee pods, some even touched by the mythic king Midas himself, like the Medano treasures. So, for those who may be in the market for trying one or more of these pricier pods, more power to you and I hope you enjoy the best money can buy!


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