What are the best Coffee Pods & Capsules for Iced Lattes?

The summer season is swiftly approaching and this signals a time to change it up from that hot cappuccino to a brisk iced latte to chill out on the porch or for a long day at the beach. Luckily Coffee Pods has the perfect trick to flip the script on the summer heat. The following is a keen recipe for a refreshing ice latte.

Choosing the right pod for your latte is the real trick. Personally, I enjoy the stronger Café Joe’s Extra Strong Espresso for Nespresso but for those who want to enjoy a more laid-back pick-me-up I might suggest the "Tre Venezie Arabica." The notes of dark chocolate and citrus fruits from this particular blend will go sumptuously with any kind of milk, be it soy or whole, which will be added in later. You may like something a little milder and smoother, in this case we recommend or Tre Venezie Delicatto, which offers a perfectly balanced blend with notes of Almonds for real Arabica coffee lovers.

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After choosing which espresso blend that’s right for you, all you need is cold milk, ice cubes and a tall glass. The art of the latte is deceptively simple, but it is this simplicity that allows for any personal variations or expression you would like to add in. For example, I have a friend who likes to add whipped cream to the top of their lattes.

Now for the first step, brew the espresso. While it is brewing, fill the glass with ice cubes. When the espresso is finished, add at least one shot or so (I prefer two) to the glass. Next, pour in the cold milk. Depending on how frothy you prefer the milk in your lattes, you can use a plastic protein shake container, seal the lid tightly and shake it up to make your milk foamier. An alternative way to produce foam for your latte is to fill a tall container or dish with milk, and then use a hand whisk to froth the milk accordingly.

Finally, add any extra ice in case too much melted during the preparation, add any additional sweeteners according to your preference, and maybe give your latte a final stir with a spoon or coffee stirrer. If you think the hot espresso is melting too much ice you can also prepare some espresso beforehand, put it in the fridge and then add it to the iced glass for an even colder treat. If the melting ice and milk flavour makes the taste too mild in the heat, you can try freezing some espresso in an ice cube tray and use these instead of regular ice cubes. That’s a little trick I saw in Vietnam. This made for a strong coffee taste even when the blazing Ho Chi Minh City sun melted my iced coffee before I even walked a block away from the café!

And that is your simple but delicious coffee for the season. Feel free to get adventurous with other espresso flavours and blends! Baggio Caramel for Nespresso is a great flavour for those with a sweet-tooth while Barista Italiano Intense Napoletano for Dolce Gusto will give you some energy for a tough day of work ahead! Be creative and don’t forget to chill.

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