How Coffee Can Help Your Skin | Which Coffee Scrubs are the Best to Help?


The secrets in good beans

Many times have we lauded the virtues of coffee. It improves concentration and focus, it can increase blood flow. It’s tasty. But what can it do for your skin? While it’s true drinking a cup of Joe can provide your body some great antioxidants, what about those who want some more direct antioxidant or other health conducive action? Well we have zeroed in on some superb skin care products, all produced to make you shine like the star you are!

Some science about coffee and your skin (its real good)

So why on earth would you want to include a coffee based skincare regiment into your lifestyle? Don’t we all drink enough coffee? First off, you can never drink “enough coffee”. Secondly, some of the benefits your skin can attain through inclusion of coffee and caffeine into your regular care regiment are enhanced more than if you just simply drink coffee. Some great benefits to applying coffee topically to your skin include:


Coffee has tons of antioxidants! These are great because whether antioxidants are inside or outside the body, they boost our health a ton. Antioxidants help to fight free radicals that roam around causing cell damage. With less free radicals, our cells can stay nice and healthy which usually translates to healthier, younger looking skin!


This one may sound counter intuitive, but when coffee is applied to the skin, the antioxidants can provide you with a relaxing effect. Another magic power of the antioxidants (there are many!). In addition to the calming effects of the antioxidants soothing our skin and boosting our circulation, the pleasant aromas of coffee and coconut can make you feel like you are in a tropical paradise!

Anti-aging and cellulite reduction

    The caffeine and (once again) antioxidants can help to reduce signs of aging and appearance of cellulite on the skin, which can both help your face look younger and healthier. By helping to disperse cellulite, your skin can look supple and elegant. The antioxidants, which by this point should have proved themselves as the MVP’s of the coffee skin care regime nutrients, can also aid in repairing damage and blemishes on your skin.


      Chlorogenic acid in coffee can help reduce inflammation! Applying coffee to wounds or skin infections can also defend against some more insidious bacteria developments. And one more point for coffee in skincare treatments. Acne. Coffee can help fight acne. That same Chlorogenic acid that helps clear up nasty inflammation can aid in repairing skin and banishing acne.

      Vitamin B

      Coffee has you covered (perhaps literally) when it comes to some beneficial vitamins like B3 which can help prevent possibly harmful skin growths. Some studies have suggested that B3 can help aid in preventing the development of cancerous cells. The studies still need time, but the fact that B3 vitamins can help your skin stay free of possibly harmful irregular growths is certainly a big point in the health department.

      Never look tired again!

      Because of caffeine’s ability to stimulate blood flow and help with circulation, coffee skin care treatments can help ameliorate the appearance of dark circles under your eyes. The way that this works is by applying some of the cream under your eyes (be careful not to get any in your eyes of course!) and allow the caffeine’s circulation boosting magic to do its stuff. You will look fresh, alert and chipper. Even if you are in desperate need of a coffee drink after your coffee face scrub!


      Top 5 Coffee Scrubs. Tried & Tested by yours Truly (Click the title of any of the below if you wish to be transported to where you can buy these beauties)


      1. LUXE Coffee Body Scrub:  £ 13.99

      This item is packed with a whole heap of beneficial skincare vitamins, nutrients and enhancers:

      • Exfoliating: scrubs away dirt and leaves skin looking fresh and young

      • Anti-Inflammatory: Draws out excessive moisture and leaves skin looking supple and smooth

      • Aromatherapy: The pleasant coconut and coffee scents can boost your mood

      • Skin Texture: Helps our skin repair and regenerate from small abrasions

      • Improved Circulation: Breaks up the dreaded cellulite fatty deposits.


      2. First Botany Cosmeceuticals Natural Arabica Coffee Scrub: £15.95

      You heard it here first! This is the skin care item for you!

      • Cellulite remover: Moisturizes and leaves skin nice and smooth.

      • Loaded with anti-oxidants: Aids with circulation to ameliorate puffy eyes.

      • 100% natural: ideal exfoliating scrub and acne treatment.

      • Cacao Coconut Shea Butter: This is perfect for helping your skin look young and rejuvenated.


      3. Amour Noir; Coffee and Coconut Scrub: £11.99

      An elegant skin care product expertly crafted from Arabica beans

      • Anti-inflammatory: perfect item for acne treatment

      • Polyphenols: lauded as a great source of antioxidants in tea, this superb item is packed with this beneficial nutrient.

      • Caffeine: aids in circulation and allows the skin to continue to look its best.

      • Exfoliate: the coconut and coffee helps clear away dead and dry skin.

      • 100% animal cruelty free and vegan friendly


      4. PraNaturals Pure Colombian Coffee Body Scrub: £9.99

      An affordable skin care item that doesn’t trade great value for high quality in the slightest. Made from Arabica beans

      • 100% natural: Vegan and vegetarian friendly, blended with the finest oils and natural components.

      • Cellulite: Want your skin to look its most youthful? Try this item today.

      • Antioxidants: helps fight wrinkles and other signs of wear and tear.

      • Exfoliating acne scrub: this great natural blend is perfect for fighting acne.

      • Natural skincare: you don’t have to worry about damaging the planet with this vegan and eco friendly care item.


      5. Optiat "Pick Me Up" Lemongrass Exfoliating Coffee Scrub: £ 9.99

      This robust and burly scrub makes sure to be tough on dirt and dry skin, but gentle and nurturing to your face!

      • Nature friendly and naturally sourced: Handmade, too!

      • Great for after-workouts: The lemon grass and Arabica blend together to give you a thorough scrub down, perfect after hitting the gym

      • Tube for easy use: Doesn’t make a mess or cause spills.

      • Exfoliate: beats down on acne and cellulite, but leaves kin supple and smooth.

      • It’s famous!: As seen in VOGUE, Stylist, Mailonline, ELLE, Vegetarian Living.


      Coffee + skin = Better Health

      But don’t take our word for it, check out these quality items today and get started with a better quality of skin care! Not only is it great to enjoy a good cuppa each day, but don’t forget to apply some of these ideal and rejuvenating skin care blends to your face as well!

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